You can see the subject of my paintings is generally recognisable but there is often an element of abstraction – with the possibility of creating a space for conjecture and suggestion. This is not always intentional on my part but it is definitely something I wish to develop.

Inspired by the Somerset Levels, recent work has ventured into the more abstract simplified landscape territory of geometric planes. This ‘Field Pattern Series’ shuns the neatness and austerity of straight lines – presenting a more natural arrangement of irregular shapes enclosed by lines and borders.

I enjoy exploring and experimenting with collage/paper-cuts.  I was very pleased to hear that my ‘Kneeling Nude’ paper-cut was selected as one of the top 100 art works to be included in the Evolver Prize 2017 Magazine Top 100; followed by an exhibition at the Thelma Hulbert Gallery.  Art is a journey for me, I’m not sure if I shall find one definitive style or not but I’m enjoying the process!